Alliance Spacesystems provides manufacturing end-to-end services at both our San Diego Facility (50,500 square feet) and our Los Alamitos Facility (101,000 square feet).

We also use the following in the tooling, manufacturing and assembly of our precision composite structures and space power systems:

Two isolated lamination areas

–2,500-square-foot room

Manufacturing high-bay controlled environment

Environmentally controlled to 70° F ± 2° F with monitored RH

Automated ply cutter

Multiple cutting and lamination tables

Precision tube rolling

–500-square-foot room

Separate from main lamination area

Used for sensitive layup tasks

Mobile clean room

–Laser projectors (4)

–Kevlar/Astroquartz processing

–Reflector gridding

–PIM-sensitive assembly

Multiple autoclaves and ovens

–12′ x 25′

–10′ x 30′

–3′ x 4′

–3′ x 5′

–Nearly all with a maximum temperature of 450° F

–Wisconsin oven


12′ x 14′ x 6′

Maximum temperature of 500° F

Precision router

–3-axis Komo, 12′ x 10′ bed, 3′ maximum height

–Housed in separate, environmentally controlled room

–Accurate to ± 0.0025″ local, 0.010″ overall

–Dedicated to laminate and sandwich panel machining

Machining center

–5-axis CMS ARES-6026, 20′ x 9′ bed, 4′ maximum height

–Vacuum table base

–High efficiency dust extraction system

–5-axis molds machined to .001″ RMS for 9′ x 10′ surface