Satellite Bus & Payload Structures

Alliance Spacesystems is the leading manufacturer of satellite bus and payload structures, critical for housing electronics, propulsion's, and power subsystems of today’s commercial and military satellites. 

  • Over 3,000 Individual Composite & Aluminum Panels Manufactured
  • Over 200 Heat Pipe Panels Integrated
  • Over 250,000 Optical Solar Reflectors (OSR) Installed
  • Over 30 Major Structures Delivered

Satellite Structure Components

Alliance Spacesystems has established its position as a qualified supplier of high-performance satellite components and composite structures and has attained industry recognition for its manufacturing expertise in fabrication, assembly, and test of Satellite Structures.

  • Equipment Panels/Heat Pipe Panels
  • Tubes, Struts & Yokes
  • Angle Clips and Miscellaneous Piece Parts

Launch Vehicle Structures

Alliance Spacesystems has translated it’s expertise into high-strength composite structures for launch vehicles which deploy payloads into low earth orbit.

  • Adapters and Cones
  • Outer Skin Structures
  • Propulsion Support

Antenna Reflectors

Our antenna reflectors, which are used for communications satellites and deep space missions, are produced in a variety of configurations: hyperbolic, parabolic and shaped surfaces.

  • Single Shell Graphite Reflectors
  • Nadir Tower Reflectors
  • Dual Shell Gridded Reflectors
  • Pallet Reflectors
  • Submillimeter Reflectors

Instrument Structures

Alliance structures – fabricated in a clean room environment – satisfy customer-specified, opto-mechanical requirements for thermal soak, gradient, humidity change, gravity release, outgassing, strength and launch conditions.

Among the instrument structures we design and manufacture are:

  • Optical Benches
  • Telescope and Camera Structures
  • Metering Struts
  • Submillimeter Reflectors
  • Stray Light Baffles and Sun Shades


Alliance Spacesystems specializes in the design and fabrication of lightweight, durable Solar Array Substrates. As a LM-144 qualified supplier, we can produce configurations ranging from simple graphite face sheet and aluminum core designs to complex multiple face sheet materials with internal features that require complex tooling and specialized processing.

  • Advanced/ Smart Solar Array Panels
  • Rigid & Flexible Solar Panels & Arrays
  • Laminated Solar Power Sheets/ Wings
  • Concentrator Solar Array Technologies