Our antenna reflectors, which are used for communications satellites and deep space missions, are produced in a variety of configurations: hyperbolic, parabolic and shaped surfaces.

  • Single Shell Graphite Reflectors: These shaped, “super elliptical” apertures (2.7 by 2.5 meters) have a mass of down to 19 kilograms.   They also deliver first mode frequencies greater than 100 Hz, surface accuracies of .002 inches RMS as built, and on-orbit thermal distortion of less than .002 inches RMS.

Single Shell Graphite Reflectors

  • Nadir Tower Reflectors: These circular and “super elliptical” apertures which combine our advanced reflector architecture with dimensional stability have ranged in size from 0.7 to 1.7 meters and 12 to 38 kilograms. In addition, they have produced first mode frequencies greater than 85 Hz and surface accuracies of .002 inches RMS.



Nadir Tower Reflectors

  • Dual Shell Gridded Reflectors: These reflectors range in size from 0.7 meters to over 2.3 meters.   Through proven engineering, material systems, gridding techniques and test methods, we have demonstrated first mode frequencies greater than 80 Hz and surface accuracies of .0049 inches RMS (front) and .0027 inches RMS (rear).



Dual Shell Gridded Reflectors

  • Pallet Reflectors: These structures were produced for the Yamal-300 communications satellite.   Each reflector sub-system required precise alignment of the reflector to the pallet to ensure proper hold-down and release with respect to the hinge orientation.



Pallet Reflectors

  • Submillimeter Reflectors: Our team has developed high-performance Submillimeter Reflectors for microwave, millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths and LIDAR applications. Our design approach improves RF performance by providing greater reflectivity, an accurate surface and near-zero CTE as well as high thermal conductivity and specific stiffness.



Sub-Millimeter Reflectors