Alliance structures—fabricated in a clean room environment—satisfy customer-specified, opto-mechanical requirements for thermal soak, gradient, humidity change, gravity release, outgassing, strength and launch conditions.

Among the instrument structures we design and manufacture are:

  • Optical benches with superior dimensional stability and high-specific stiffness maintain the alignment of critical elements such as mirrors, detectors and focal plane sensor systems.
  • Optimized design for thermal stability through fiber orientation, laminate thickness, core type and configuration.
  • Composite and metallic telescope and camera structures built with precision and to exacting tolerances producing structures with the utmost dimensional stability while satisfying all system level performance requirements.
  • Material systems, fiber orientation and resin content can be tailored to meet low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and coefficient of moisture expansion (CME) composite structural requirements while providing the lowest mass.
  • Low mass, high specific stiffness metering struts used to control the position of optical elements.
  • Mechanical and physical properties are optimized to deliver the required performance at an affordable cost.
  • Low mass, high specific stiffness and low CTE light baffles and sun shades of various geometries that have been used in the MARS05 CTX, ATMS and EKV programs.
  • Pins and bonded fittings used as critical interfaces for mounting, alignment and integration.
  • Paint, vapor-deposited coatings and foil surface treatments are available to meet optical and thermal requirements

Optical Benches


Telescope & Camera Structures


Metering Struts


Stray Light Baffles & Sun Shades